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Desert Dinos - SH Pocket Diaper



Condition: Excellent Condition

Seller Notes: Euc. No stinks or stains. No smoke, pet friendly. Washed in tide powder, hung to dry

Welcome to modern cloth diapering! This style is by far our best seller. With a waterproof exterior and a comfy inner layer that wicks moisture from your little one's skin, these diapers are an incredible solution for both baby and parent.

Staying Dry

Our diapers feature a PUL water resistant outer layer, meaning leakage through the exterior fabric is an extremely low risk. 

We also feature Athletic Wicking Jersey for the interior fabric, which helps wick any moisture away from your little one's skin. We have also went a step further and extended the PUL liner into the tummy area of the diaper, ensuring that moisture can't easily transfer from the diaper to a shirt or further up the belly. All of this makes both parent and little one happy!


There are multiple snaps throughout the diaper that make sizing it up for your specific little one a breeze. Rise snaps to adjust the length, hip snaps adjust the waist and legs, and cross snaps allow for an extra small fit for those really itty bitty little ones! This makes our diaper very versatile, having historically fit most infants/toddlers between 6 and 65 pounds! 

So Much Room in those Pockets! 

Like, really. So much. What do we do with all of this room? Stuff them with inserts of course! With the perfect amount of space for a single insert, and plenty of space still left to use one of our doubler inserts as well!

Inverted Insert Snap

Let’s all be honest with one another: Stuffing diapers can be tough. So we’ve made it a little brighter! Our diapers have an inverted snap that pairs with a snap that is on our inserts, allowing them to snap into the diaper. This makes stuffing and straightening a breeze, as it holds the insert in place while you’re working it. It really is a great system that we’re proud to offer. 

Making Mother Nature Smile

Naturally, these beauties are not only gorgeous, easy to use, and affordable. They also keep thousands of disposable diapers out of landfills! In fact, Stout House diapers are well known for being resold after a little one has outgrown them. They last, and that makes mother nature smile. :) (And us too, if we're being honest)


Our diapers are lab tested to meet all of the CPSIA compliance requirements. This means our diapers are free from harmful chemicals and metals, giving you peace of mind with what is touching your little one’s skin. 

How to Care for your Diaper

Our diapers are 100% machine wash safe. Our general advice is to knock solids into toilet, pre-wash cold, wash hot with detergent, double rinse, tumble dry on low or hang them out on the line. It’s also not recommended to use bleach, certain rash creams (our all natural Baby Balm is safe), or fabric softener.

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